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What an odd day

Immediately upon waking up this morning, I knew something had gone wrong in the world. I looked around my room, and noticed that my Espeon was acting rather perculiar. I brushed it off, thinking he was just anxious about watching another Gym Battle later that afternoon.

I then proceeded to the washroom to take a shower. I took a glance at my mirror, and was shocked. I then looked down at my pants, and was even more shocked....

No, this cannot be....

How could this have happened....

I am not prepared for this....

There is Stun Spore in my hair!

Throughout my hair it was, and onto my clothing as well. I was covered in the stuff.


By now I had figured out why My Pokemon were acting strangely. Or, at least Espeon, who always seemed to be getting into trouble. And probably Venomoth, who had to have had a part in it. Perhaps that was all that I felt was wrong with the world....

I quickly teleported the spores off of me, and into the trash, continuing with my morning as usual. But, I still had the feeling that something, somewhere, has gone horribly wrong.

It wasn't until I stepped outside my Gym before I knew exactly what was going on. So many jumbled minds, I knew it had to be something pretty severe. Yes, people, there has apparently been a mass sex change occurring in Saffron while I slept. Why I am not effected, I have an idea. I'd have to thank Venomoth later for the paralysis. He saved me from a rather, well, awkward morning, to say the least.

Several people are worried that the effects are permanent, but I can sense that it should be over within a vague frame of time. Perhaps a few days, maybe more, I am unsure at the moment.

All the more reason to take advantage of it in the meantime, heh. =P

My first stop was the Pokemon Centre. Nurse John welcomed me as always, but this time I sensed a little more envy than usual. I looked around closely, noticing the ripped apart nurse uniform behind the counter. Apparently she had tried her darndest to get into it, but failed. John was now a rather large man, in clothes that seemed to resemble those of Hank, the man at the local Pokemon Mart. This gave me an idea....

I thanked Nurse John for healing my Pokemon, and then proceeded to the Mart. And I was right, there was Hank, er, Hanna, looking very stunning in Nurse Joy's old uniform. "Don't even say it," she said, noticing the smirk on my face. I fought the urge to compliment the way the colour pink suits her, before buying a Potion and hitting the road.

Walking through town, I noticed several people staring at me. Most notably were a group of women in loose clothing, who seemed disappointed at my presence, despite their always wanting to meet me...weird. Also, one man who brushed past me, just to run away with a feeling of disgust, or perhaps horror, in his mind...this town is getting odder and odder. I'll be glad to head off to Johto in a few days.

I lastly noticed the young CopyCat Boy before arriving at my final destination. He was in his yard, playing with the Clefairy doll as I had seen him(when he was the CopyCat Girl) do many times before. But today, he had the thing covered in dirt, while he moved a toy plane overhead in his hand. The Clefairy was being bombarded with weapons of mass destruction, XD!

Okay, okay. That's enough fun for me, I should just go back to the Gym....

Heh, no. Just joking, I am. I couldn't possibly miss a chance at meeting my neighbours in their current state of mind. XD

Stepping up to the Fighting Dojo, a wave of dread grew over me. They were definitely feeling humilated, oh, the joy! Walking inside, I was surprised to see that nobody was there. Usually this room was filled with the roars of grunting men, and their Machamps and Primeapes. Now, it just felt like Lavender's Pokemon Tower.

I found several interesting items on the ground. Some clumps of hair, a single boxing glove, a Focus Band, and even a pair of boxers. But the most amusing thing was the dartboard. A rather large dartboard, with the picture of someone I know very well....myself.

I could see that most of the darts had been aimed at my forehead, as well as a significant number at my chest. O_O

My God, could it be? XD

They think that I did this to them! =D Oh, trust me, I have had some tremendous fun over that revelation! I was thinking up my plan within seconds.

It took me a few more minutes before I found my way into the Dojo's basement. And it was there that I found them. A whole group girls.

This time a felt a snicker come again, but this time I let it show. The head Blackbelt stepped forward, her robe easily showing off her girlish figure, especially those weapons of mass seduction. Yes, they do think that I did this to them. It couldn't get any better than this!

I surveyed the area. There were roughly about a dozen Blackbelts, and they were all gorgeous-looking women. But not a one felt very happy about it.

So, of course, I did what any respectful person would do in this situation. I darkened the lights in the room before the leading lady could speak, and caused the room to get slightly colder(maybe they can go out into the city to warm up, heh). I then proceeded to tell them that I have done this to teach them a lesson, and that if they ever want to be returned to their abnormal forms(yes, I used the word 'abnormal'), then they must promise to keep quiet from now on. I then commented on the leader's hairstyle, before Teleporting back to my gym.

Oh now, that was funny. Oh, so very funny. It was hard to fight the urge to Teleport them into the streets, with some better-looking clothes.

Heh, maybe tomorrow. =P 

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